Patient Participation Group

Dear Patient Participation Group (PPG), 

Torrington Park has recently move to join Primary Care Network 2 (PCN2): the biggest Primary Care Network (PCN) in Barnet made up of 12 local practices. 

Primary Care Networks were introduced as part of the NHS Long Term Plan with the aim to create integrated community health services where we can provide, together with other local practices, proactive, personal, coordinated and more integrated health and social care e.g. physiotherapy, care co-ordinators, social prescribers as well as other services. 

We want to move to a system where our PPG interacts across the PCN.  We view our PPG as a supportive voice: giving us valuable feedback into what we are doing well and into where we can make improvements.  By joining up with the larger PCN, this voice will have more influence and can be used as push for change on a wider scale. 

A PCN wide PPG meeting is being planned for Thursday 20 April 2023. 

We would like to schedule a practice PPG meeting before that so that we can nominate a chair for our PPG who will attend the PCN meeting.  This will be on Thursday 23 March at 6.30pm at Torrington Park. 

In our practice PPG meeting we would like to look at our recent National GP Survey results and to see how we compare to our local practices as a vehicle to learn where changes can be made.

Please let us know if you can make the meeting on Thursday 23 March 2023. We look forward to welcoming and learning from as many of you as possible. 

Best wishes, 

Torrington Park Group Practice. 

Patient Participation Groups