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Torrington Park Group Practice

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Issues raised by patients in our survey



Below are comments and feedback given by patients, highlighting areas where they feel the practice could improve it's service. The patient participation group used these as a point of discussionto identify the areas which should be prioritised by the practice. The outcome of this is available on the survey results tab above.
Patient feedback:

A limited weekend Saturday morning service for "emergency cases" (as in the past) to avoid having to wait hours in walk in and A E.






Parking! I am forced to park in Sainsbury’s and this makes disabled people's lives very difficult.


Parking! I am forced to park in Sainsbury’s and this makes disabled people's lives very difficult.


No need for change


Telephone call for appointments


Telephone and appointments impossible to access!


Admin, appt making. Medical staff are professional, compassionate and sensible - the mayhem and waiting for appointment is getting worse each year.


More availability of doctors even though this can be very hard.


The difficulty of getting through to the surgery by phone at 8.30am for an emergency appointment


Pre-arranged appointments


Seeing the same GP of your choice, it is important to have the same doctor who knows you- as it used to be. Fully understanding the large number of people who use this practice sometimes makes this difficult.


I know resources are stretched but a routine appointment can be too far into the future.


Ability to book appointments by email.


More staff on morning switchboard when booking appointments on the day. Otherwise I am real y happy with the service at the surgery.


I wish you could book for next day appointments


I would like to see receptionists that understand what you are saying and less excuses for appointments


Not having to wait so long for an appointment and being able to see one’s own doctor. Also, the same nurse each time for routine checks


I wish you could book an appointment for the next day.


I know resources are very stretched but a routine appointment can be too far into the future.


Ability to book appointments online.


The surgery Is excellent


If possible quicker connection to appointments when phoning in the mornings


The making of appointments via the telephone


Telephone appointments


1. Ease of access to my particular GP. 2. Improvement in prescription renewal.


Booking appointments on line. Getting the touch screen working to check in patients.


Open more telephone lines




Very strange appointment system.


Cutting down waiting times.


Prescriptions; length of time and accuracy


I am currently satisfied with the service I am receiving.


Answering the phone.


The 0830 booking appointment system is frustrating but better than waiting two weeks for an appointment


Opening surgeries on Saturday,


Doctors and their level of support, at times I have felt a google search would have been better.


Doctors need to use experience and knowledge rather than Wikipedia.


Appointment system. I do not want to wait four weeks for an appointment


Create a direct appointments page on surgery website, direct access to doctors in

emergencies, making appointments by email and text and receiving feedback for these.


Get rid of the 0844 number as it’s very expensive, earlier and later opening times, and more staff on the phones in the morning. Overall though a good experience with friendly staff.


Ring at 8.30am for appointment is not goes. It may be better to give appointments for the day after.


Very good surgery, Infect Excellent.


Appt System is not good - Waste of time and effort. Surgery is lucky to have Amanda and Doctors they are perfect and efficient.


We are happy with everything.


The 0203 number is difficult to get through on.


Shorten waiting time for appointments


Make Easy to contact surgery by phone also not able  to book and appt for 2 or 3 weeks ahead


In writing rather than by phone.


Overall this surgery is very good managed to get an appointment for emergency if needed.


To make it easier to make an appointment with a specific doctor.


More staff to look after increasing demands of surgery's services. I.e. to help with phone calls in the morning.


Availability of emergency appointments. They are all gone if you call after 8.40am


Phone Service


Appointments System and appointment times restricted


I have sometimes had to wait over 10 minutes on the phone.


The 8.30am phoning is stressful although I have learnt to manage it. Perhaps more than once a day.


More staff for telephone appointments


Communication by email would be useful however I emailed the Speedwell practice this week to send a document to one of the doctors and I have had no response so I don’t know if they have received it. I therefore think some staff training is required.


Perhaps more in-house facilities; minor surgery, X-ray ect???


Getting an appointment earlier than two weeks in advance.


Appointments system is the biggest failure as you can’t make an appt in advance and have to either come in and wait or phone at 0830hrs then the queuing system on the phone keeps getting cut off.


Happy With Everything!


Surgery is well run. No complaints.



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